This two-day hackfest, co-organised by the R Epidemics Consortium (RECON) and the EPIET Alumni Network (EAN), will bring together seasoned field epidemiologists and R developers for two purposes:

  1. document case studies for outbreak analytics to be hosted on
  2. generate automated situation reports for your data

All data will be treated as confidential. We have no interest in publishing data or using it for any other purpose beyond generating automated sitreps.

The event will take place in the Mater Dei Hospital Malta, 24-25 November 2018, as a satellite event to the ESCAIDE conference. Both days will begin at 9AM and end at 5PM. The hackfest will be aimed at people currently undertaking, or having recently completed, a field-epidemiology training programme (FETP), with some interest in epidemics analysis using R. Applications should be sent using the providing form (see ‘Register’ tab above).


The workshop will be hosted in the Pathology conference room at level-1 Block B at the Mater Dei Hospital, Malta

Here is a map of the location:


For more information, use the contact details provided below, for question regarding registration, e-mail Zhian Kamvar.